Saturday, 10 November 2012

How to Text Girls....Properly

   Magnetic Messaging is a step by step guide for all those men who have trouble scoring luck with women. There are three steps involved in the process. The first step requires you to get in touch with a girl and send her a personal message. When I was trying my luck with girls, I never thought about this point. I always used to start a random conversation and talk about my gym routine and work routine. The reason why you are required to become emotional in the first message or you should make the message personal is that it helps in attracting the woman’s focus towards you.
The best thing about this program is that it’s a complete system. Once you make the initial investment you get a series of texts that cover every scenario imaginable. The system tells you when to send the messages at the right moment to attract a girl’s interest. It’s kind of like a guidebook to the world of text flirting that you can take with you anywhere.

The 3 Texts:
       I didn’t want to go through with all the three steps at once so I tried the first one and I have to admit that it worked really well. As compared to before, women were actually showing a genuine interest in me and my talk and I felt that connection building up instantly.Once I noticed an improvement in how women were connecting with me, I moved on to the second stage. The second stage of Magnetic Messaging requires you to start bonding with the girl. After sending an emotional or personalized message, you should try to make the woman special. Every woman likes feeling special and that is what the second step of Magnetic Messaging focuses on. Previously, I never really thought about this. It seriously just didn’t come to my mind to make the woman feel special. I used to flirt with women and it came across; I guess they noticed that I was just flirting and wanted to score with them and nothing more.
Make a Woman Feel Special!
  • However, with Magnetic Messaging, I started making women feel special after following through the first step properly. While most men usually start flirting right after they interact with a woman, Magnetic Messaging requires you to flirt with her AFTER you have formed a bond with her. Make her trust you and make sure she knows that she is someone special and not just another random girl.
  • I tried the first two steps with many women and it actually worked. However, I wanted to make sure I tried the third step with someone who I actually wanted to take home.

What Will This Program Do For Your Text Game?

      In a nutshell, Magnetic Messaging did what I couldn’t. I had no trouble getting girls’ phone numbers when I went out to a bar. But I rarely landed a first date. We’d text for a while, maybe talk once or twice and then less and soon I didn’t hear from her at all. I was just starting to think that women were just flaky.Then I met one of the hottest women I’d ever seen. By some miracle (and a few shots) I got her phone number. I really didn’t want to mess up my chances. We went on what I thought was a good date. I followed the three day rule and then sent her a long message the next day to tell her so and I got a two word message back: “me too”.
Lucky for me, a buddy of mine saw me checking my phone for messages. When I told him about my situation, he turned me on to this program. And since he was such a player I decided to bite the bullet and check it out.
She messaged me within 30 seconds of the first text. No more one-word messages that made me feel like I was chasing her down. And right before we graduated to sexting, she actually asked me out.
And the girl I met after using this texting system was nothing like the prude that went on our first date. Her dress was low-cut and short. She touched on the arm and on the leg all through drinks.
And after…the sexual tension we built up while texting paid off in a big way. She sent me a text the next night, too. As a matter of fact, we do a lot of late-night texting that usually ends up with her knocking on my door at 2am.

If You Think This Does Not Work Here Are Some Reports On This:
Melbourne, Victoria -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/22/2012 -- Magnetic Messaging was released just recently and is already enjoying massive positive response from men world-wide claiming how powerful this program really is and how simple it becomes to turn on almost any girl by just texting them what they cannot resist and love to hear.

The strategy has already being tested by men globally on different kinds of women, different age groups and they all respond extremely well to this new magnetic messaging texting theory, making it perfect even for the shy guys that cannot build up the courage to pickup women at bars and face to face.

Have you ever tried to turn on a girl that you like by texting her, only to find that you have really turned her off or turned her away completely?

You are not alone! Up to this point about 90% of all men fail miserably when attempting to pick up women and they all share the most common, simple mistakes that can turn the whole situation sour, turn that women off from you forever and make them want to avoid you or find you creepy. 

This is why this Magnetic Messaging strategy was developed and tested over and over again via trial and error until it was mastered to perfection, to reduce the likelihood of failing to pickup that woman to extremely low possibility, there is just no way you can fail with this Magnetic Messaging method, period!

The system requires you to send her just a simple 3 Text Messages structured in a way that almost guarantees you to catch that girl's attention, bring out her horny side and take control of this friendship/relationship from that point on and make her want you like you wouldn't believe.

What have you got to lose besides missing out on countless opportunities to pick up new women that you never thought could be possible for you?

What I Really Like About Magnetic Messaging.

My favorite thing about this text program is the power it gives you over your text messaging game. I had no idea that I was losing women I’d bagged at the club because I was sending too many texts or long, corny messages that turned her off or landed me in the friend zone.

I wanted to write this review to let other guys know what I discovered: texting isn’t just texting. It’s an audition. And now I know what to tell every woman I meet to get and keep her interest and pass the audition.

What I Do Not Like About Magnetic Messaging.

The only downside is that the program sort of forces the ball in your court. My text messages were so engaging that the women I met after texting and sexting were eager, excited and ready to get close.

I had to be ready to use the tips I learned, not just while texting, but in real life. The first few dates are challenging. But now there’s no woman that I’m not confident enough to date.


Thursday, 13 September 2012

Really Cheap E-Books


Tired of paying 20-30 dollars for e-books. Tired of wasting your money trying to get books into your kindles and iPads. Do you want to get the same e-books you buy for 20-30 dollars in various sites like amazon for lets say just about 2-5 dollars?????

Then you are in for a treat. The website offers really a very good service of selling these HIGHLY-EXPENSIVE!!! E-Books for just 2-3 dollars. Why are these books so cheap? And why should you believe this is not a scam? Well.... is a legit website that offers a wide variety of E-Books to choose from that are so cheap that you can buy 10 of these books for 1 book you bought from any other site. Now this is a good deal isn't it. I personally bought two books "The 10 ways to generate traffic and build your list" and "Scoubidou Mega Guide" for just 4 dollars. And the four dollars is the combined value of both the books.This would have cost me at least 60 dollars from most of the popular websites .

 Also please use a visa or master card as all transactions made via credit cards offer me help.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Advice for Men - Why Can't Girlfriends Be Simple?

Ok, lets face it, what do all the guys really wish they knew more about. Well as i guy i could say say it is to handle women in both sex and relationship in a better way. Lets face it , After all, the are pretty differently wired as compared to guys,right from childhood, and this presents as a very big challenge. The fact is women are not simple and will never be simple or magically easier to read.However , i have got some good news for all the men out there who are willing to learn how to  master the art of seducing women or should i say become a total bad-ass in the eyes of the ladies.

THE TAO OF BADNESS program is a program that just about does that.

Its Author - Joshua Pellicer:

Well for people who are not familiar with his work might have 2 questions in their minds.
1)Who is this guy?
2)How can he help me with women?

Well i am here to answer just that for you.Take for example you read an article on some magazine about a sharks , written by a men you never heard of before . Would you consider it a valuable source of information , of course not , but say the guy who wrote this article was a Marine Biologist with some experience , just say, you would have no reason to question the contents of the article.

The same kind of sense could be transferred to the Tao of Badness. Joshua Pellicer might not be someone you heard about before but he is a leading authority on Dating, and he might not have that popularity that some pick up artists have , he has his own followers (me being one) and also had his own radio show about dating women. His interviews have also been published on The New York Times,The Today Show,and even The Associated Press. 

 How The Tao of Badness Works:
       Joshua Pellicer is a unique person when compared to other dating advisors. To begin with, he gets what will make women attracted to you. Now thats what we all need in the first place for our hopes to score to rise up.He knows what will make them think of getting in bed with you......or take it any further towards a relationship. Also he know what men actually want from this relationship. He says that guys are not born as bad-ass , so every one has to learn from their experiences to become better men and he set out a goal to help all those people who are willing to change.

Luckily, figuring out the mystery of what attracts and interests a women is now exactly Rocket Science.However, it is a lot easier said then done and solving the issue will need you apply come changes in how you do things:

  • This is the first and maybe the most important step.Self Discovery, Know what are the mistakes you have been making and causing you to strike out with women.
  • Find out what separates the crowd from the people who succeeded , like the rich people, It isn't their huge wallets or their massive charm.You are not different than any of them.
  • Learn to figure out a women and learn to know when a women is paying attention to you and to sought out her intentions.
Learn the simple techniques that will help you settle if you think you found your one. Dont ever let her go and you can do that a bit easily by knowing the techniques for a healthy relationship.

Pros and Cons :
  • Really nice way the author has presented the Book.He presents it in a simple language with a straight answer to any complicated problem.
  • The book information wise is very RESOURCEFUL.
  • You can start testing them out on your next time you go out.
  • The author has a positive attitude towards women which is a pro.
  • It really is a look at creating a situation that is positive todays both of you.
  • The most common thing is its too comprehensive.Well for most of the people this is an advantage.More Good information certainly can't do any harm.
  • Its now a day course.Well some people claim that they will make you players over night but none of them usually work for anyone.

The Diet Solution Program Review

Hi Guys today i am gonna review a fat loss product THE DIET SOLUTION PROGRAM REVIEW. Are you one of those people who wanna lose weight but couldn't.Have you watched any programs that that promise weight lose b and tried them and just ended up becoming fat Then, perhaps you have even lost a significant amount of weight only to gain it back.
Many diets work in the short run. The problem with most diets is that you will end up gaining weight just after you have stopped the diet.Want a diet program that will keep you slim for a LONG TIME.
Also, dieting can also can go awol on your system. If you continuously start and stop diet programs, you may cause your body to actually gain weight. The key to lose weight is to eating properly rather than not eating at all only so you can find yourself eating a lot after the diet.This will surely make you fat.
Some people may think that sugary is a solution for fatness but in the long run it may cause severe side effects.Most people will not have the money or time to have these surgical procedures.
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The Diet Solution Program aims to solve this problem by educating you and encouraging long term lifestyle changes, not just temporary ones. This program, encourages you to actually enjoy eating, not just vegetables, you can actually eat foods like bacon, eggs, and peanut butter! All you have to do is concentrate on Fat Burning Foods.
The key to losing fat is knowing about Fat Burning Foods that help you lose Fat fast. By eating enough of the fat burning foods, or mixing fat burning foods with other foods, you can easily lose weight and keep it off.
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Health comes first .Think about being healthy now and then you can think about Calories. It isn't necessary to look at everything you put in your mouth.It also isn't necessary to spend hours in a gym trying to lose those calories you gained during the day.  All you need to do is to eat the right type of food.
This book although has a lot of information on the matter of Fat Burning techniques this book is organized in a very used-friendly way, making it easy to implement the program into your life. You can add Fat Burning foods to your diet eventually to make you lost that Fat.

Remember the slow changes are the Long-Lasting changes to your Body. It is difficult to keep up with a a changing Diet every time so have an idea set out and implement it so it lasts. You can even download the program to an iPad and Kindle making it easy to carry around and use.
The Diet Solution Program is actually doctor approved, unlike many of the other diets out there. In addition, there is a money back guarantee on the cost of the book. Buy the book and try the program for 30 days. If you do not notice a difference in how you feel or notice a decrease in your weight, you can ask for your money back, no questions asked.

Monday, 16 July 2012

Get Toned!!!!

Now how many of you people out there are always looking to build up some muscle. All the heavy exercises and all the low fats diets might not have worked for you.

I am here to present to you the product that has helped me a 6-pack abs. Yeah thats right and it was only in 3 months of dedication. I don't mean before using this product i didn't have abs. I did , in fact i had abs since 8th grade. I spent a lot of time in the gym doing all the exercises while the necessary once are there right here on this guide

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This guide helped me to gets my abs more perfect. It helped me realise all the stupid thing i was doing thinking they would help me but intern ended up making me struggle just a bit more everyday.

Now whats makes a product like this worth the money we spend on it. 1 word "DEDICATION" . Thats right, if you really wanna develop some abs and look good for the ladies in my case you would definitely spend some time working out everyday and doing all the things thats the guide "Truth About Abs" tells you to do. Yeah you can get some free info off the net and think hey i made some progress but this guide is for people who wanna avoid all the garbage that one has to go through before getting those abs. Imagine you working out and making a million mistakes only to realise you made no progress at all or you got those abs directly without going through any pain. So just click below and get your abs like me now:

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