Saturday, 10 November 2012

How to Text Girls....Properly

   Magnetic Messaging is a step by step guide for all those men who have trouble scoring luck with women. There are three steps involved in the process. The first step requires you to get in touch with a girl and send her a personal message. When I was trying my luck with girls, I never thought about this point. I always used to start a random conversation and talk about my gym routine and work routine. The reason why you are required to become emotional in the first message or you should make the message personal is that it helps in attracting the woman’s focus towards you.
The best thing about this program is that it’s a complete system. Once you make the initial investment you get a series of texts that cover every scenario imaginable. The system tells you when to send the messages at the right moment to attract a girl’s interest. It’s kind of like a guidebook to the world of text flirting that you can take with you anywhere.

The 3 Texts:
       I didn’t want to go through with all the three steps at once so I tried the first one and I have to admit that it worked really well. As compared to before, women were actually showing a genuine interest in me and my talk and I felt that connection building up instantly.Once I noticed an improvement in how women were connecting with me, I moved on to the second stage. The second stage of Magnetic Messaging requires you to start bonding with the girl. After sending an emotional or personalized message, you should try to make the woman special. Every woman likes feeling special and that is what the second step of Magnetic Messaging focuses on. Previously, I never really thought about this. It seriously just didn’t come to my mind to make the woman feel special. I used to flirt with women and it came across; I guess they noticed that I was just flirting and wanted to score with them and nothing more.
Make a Woman Feel Special!
  • However, with Magnetic Messaging, I started making women feel special after following through the first step properly. While most men usually start flirting right after they interact with a woman, Magnetic Messaging requires you to flirt with her AFTER you have formed a bond with her. Make her trust you and make sure she knows that she is someone special and not just another random girl.
  • I tried the first two steps with many women and it actually worked. However, I wanted to make sure I tried the third step with someone who I actually wanted to take home.

What Will This Program Do For Your Text Game?

      In a nutshell, Magnetic Messaging did what I couldn’t. I had no trouble getting girls’ phone numbers when I went out to a bar. But I rarely landed a first date. We’d text for a while, maybe talk once or twice and then less and soon I didn’t hear from her at all. I was just starting to think that women were just flaky.Then I met one of the hottest women I’d ever seen. By some miracle (and a few shots) I got her phone number. I really didn’t want to mess up my chances. We went on what I thought was a good date. I followed the three day rule and then sent her a long message the next day to tell her so and I got a two word message back: “me too”.
Lucky for me, a buddy of mine saw me checking my phone for messages. When I told him about my situation, he turned me on to this program. And since he was such a player I decided to bite the bullet and check it out.
She messaged me within 30 seconds of the first text. No more one-word messages that made me feel like I was chasing her down. And right before we graduated to sexting, she actually asked me out.
And the girl I met after using this texting system was nothing like the prude that went on our first date. Her dress was low-cut and short. She touched on the arm and on the leg all through drinks.
And after…the sexual tension we built up while texting paid off in a big way. She sent me a text the next night, too. As a matter of fact, we do a lot of late-night texting that usually ends up with her knocking on my door at 2am.

If You Think This Does Not Work Here Are Some Reports On This:
Melbourne, Victoria -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/22/2012 -- Magnetic Messaging was released just recently and is already enjoying massive positive response from men world-wide claiming how powerful this program really is and how simple it becomes to turn on almost any girl by just texting them what they cannot resist and love to hear.

The strategy has already being tested by men globally on different kinds of women, different age groups and they all respond extremely well to this new magnetic messaging texting theory, making it perfect even for the shy guys that cannot build up the courage to pickup women at bars and face to face.

Have you ever tried to turn on a girl that you like by texting her, only to find that you have really turned her off or turned her away completely?

You are not alone! Up to this point about 90% of all men fail miserably when attempting to pick up women and they all share the most common, simple mistakes that can turn the whole situation sour, turn that women off from you forever and make them want to avoid you or find you creepy. 

This is why this Magnetic Messaging strategy was developed and tested over and over again via trial and error until it was mastered to perfection, to reduce the likelihood of failing to pickup that woman to extremely low possibility, there is just no way you can fail with this Magnetic Messaging method, period!

The system requires you to send her just a simple 3 Text Messages structured in a way that almost guarantees you to catch that girl's attention, bring out her horny side and take control of this friendship/relationship from that point on and make her want you like you wouldn't believe.

What have you got to lose besides missing out on countless opportunities to pick up new women that you never thought could be possible for you?

What I Really Like About Magnetic Messaging.

My favorite thing about this text program is the power it gives you over your text messaging game. I had no idea that I was losing women I’d bagged at the club because I was sending too many texts or long, corny messages that turned her off or landed me in the friend zone.

I wanted to write this review to let other guys know what I discovered: texting isn’t just texting. It’s an audition. And now I know what to tell every woman I meet to get and keep her interest and pass the audition.

What I Do Not Like About Magnetic Messaging.

The only downside is that the program sort of forces the ball in your court. My text messages were so engaging that the women I met after texting and sexting were eager, excited and ready to get close.

I had to be ready to use the tips I learned, not just while texting, but in real life. The first few dates are challenging. But now there’s no woman that I’m not confident enough to date.